The quality of scripts made it so hard to pick the winners, but after 4 rounds of judging we're happy to announce the winners of the WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. These winners will take home over $5,000 in cash/prizes.

The prizes are being provided by our amazing sponsors:

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We want to thank our sponsors for supporting the amazing winners of WISC!

And now for our winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Tom Vecchio for the script NIGHT SCHOOL AL.

Inspired by a little known fact about Al Capone, this is the story of his year in night school, his relationship with his beautiful, suffragette Irish teacher and how education gave Capone the tools to create the American myth we know today.

Second Prize Winner: Odin Ozdil for the script TECH AND STRYKER.

A whiz kid hacker and a washed-up Cold War agent that hate each other must learn to work together to recover millions in bitcoins stolen from the U.S. government.

Third Prize Winner: Robert Rhyne for the script PASSING THROUGH.

A doctor faces dangerous consequences when he falls in love with his female patient -- who was also his victim in a hit and run.

Honorable Mentions: Brett Riley for the script CANDY'S FIRST KISS and Martin Ponferrada for the script THE NIECE.

We want to extend a huge congratulations to all of our winners. They stood out among so many great, great scripts. The stories they told impressed round after round of judges and we're so excited to see where these writers go!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2014 WeScreenplay Competition and also want to recognize all of the talent among the Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and Finalists.

We will begin accepting submissions for the 2015 competition at http://www.wescreenplay.com/contest on March 15th! Get your scripts ready and check out our coverage options for notes.


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